Presentations Lectures

Moshe started presenting workshops and presentations on Psychology and Family Therapy in the mid-60s. Since that time, he has taught, toured, talked so extensively that some of the details of those events are lost to time. Here’s a selection of some.

Subject:  “Open Heart Surgery or Chicken Soup?”
Date:       1985
Place:      Williams Road Summer School.
read report [Ref: AJFT Vol.6 No.2, June 1985 pp.105-106.]
Subject:  “Writing Family Therapy”
Date:       13 March 1996
Place:       Swinburne University of Technology. School of Social and Behavioural Science, Psychology Discipline, Colloquia 1996
Subject:  “Behind the scenes look at Resilience – Stories of a Family Therapist”
Date:       17 March 1996
Place:       Jewish Community Services Inc.
Subject:  “My Mother’s Castle, My Father’s Glory, Stories of Jewish Lives”.
Date:        27 October 1996
Place:       Private Home
Subject:  “Transgenerational Transmission of the Effects of Trauma in Children and Adolescents”
Date:        12 November 1996
Place:       Victorian Child Psychotherapists Association Inc. The Melbourne Clinic Consulting Suites.
Subject:  “Resilience”
Date:        30 January 1997
Place:       College of Clinical Psychologist – Australian Psychological Society – Western Australian Branch. Claremont Campus, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia
Subject:  “The Story of Resilience”
Date:        7 May 1997
Place:        College of Clinical Psychologist – Australian Psychological Society – Western Australian Branch.  Simmonds Lecture Theatre, University of Western Australia, Nedlands
Subject:  “The Full Circle” Women’s Forum
Date:        11 September 1997
Place:        Victorian Friends of the Hebrew University.
Subject:  “Being a Jewish Family Therapist”
Date:        21 September 1997
Place:       B’nai B’rith Lodge.
Subject:  “Grief Resolution and Family Therapy”
Date:        18 September 1998
Place:       Knox Lecture Theatre, Corpus Christi Conference Centre.
Subject:  “On the Margins – how does the Jewish Family cope with issues like the elderly, youth, singles, divorce, intermarriage and alternative life styles?”
Date:        28 February 1999
Place:       Jewish Museum of Australia.
Subject:  “Encouraging Resilience in Children” – a family therapist’s perspective
Date:        5 August 1999
Place:       Hawthorn Town Hall.
Subject:  “Resilience of the Human Spirit: Working with Holocaust Survivors and their Families, and the Implications for Refugees and Settlement Support”
Date:        11 October 1999
Place:        Box Hill Community Arts Centre.
Subject:  A conversation about families, how they work and how they conflict
Date:       7 September 2000
Place:      The King David School.
Subject:  Working with Depressed Children and their Families
Date:       13 November 2000
Place:      Australian Psychological Society Clinic Division.
Subject:  The Therapeutic Relationship
Date:       30 June 2001
Place:      St Vincent’s Hospital – Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy
Subject:  Childhood & Adolescent Depression – Invited Speaker.
Date:       4 – 7 September 2001
Place:     Inaugural Pan Pacific Family Therapy Congress – Voices… across Culture, Time and Sea. Carlton Crest Hotel, Melbourne, Australia
Subject:  New Year, New You? The Rabbi, The Therapist, The New Year, Rosh Hashana
Date:       12 September 2001
Place:      Mount Scopus Memorial College.
Subject:  The Inaugural Meeting of Jewish Psychology : “How being Jewish has influenced my work as a Psychologist”
Date:       February 2001
Place:      Bialik College.
Subject:  Australian Psychological Society Victorian Branch Conference : ‘Resilience’ – A Conference Exploring Psychological, Physical and Spiritual Well-Being.
Keynote Speaker: Moshe Lang
‘Resilience: A Family Therapist’s perspective’
Moshe will discuss his own (and others) exploration of the concept of resilience. This will be in reference to his co-authoring with his wife of ‘Resilience: Stories of a family therapist’, and how the momentum and follow-up to this book has helped him to understand his own work, other therapists work, and the resilience of Holocaust victims.
Date:      26 – 27 April 2002
Place:     Ballarat Lodge.
Subject:  The long haul: Therapists and patients – what keeps us going? A conversation between Andrew Relph and Moshe Lang
Date:       23 August 2003
Place:      PACFA Inaugural Conference – The Coming of Age
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Subject:  Key Note Address 28/07/04
“Fostering Resilience – A Family Therapist Perspective”
Workshop 29/07/04
“Building resilience in Families – A Conversation”
Date:       28 – 29 June 2004
Place:      18th National Christian Family Conference. Building Resilience in Family Relationships
Subject:  Coming Home and Living Home – Working with an Absent Father in Family Therapy
Date:       19 August 2012
Place:      Beth Weizmann – Australian Jewish Psychologists
Subject:  Family Therapy and Depression
Date:       28 May 2013
Place:      Allan Gilbert Building. ACPA Victoria
Subject:  Sex, Infidelity and Depression – a Family Therapy Perspective
Date:       2 June 2013
Place:      Beth Weizmann – Australian Jewish Psychologists.
Subject:  CD Launch of The Songs they Sang: A musical narrative of the Vilna Getto.
Date:       20 October 2013
Place:      The Songs They Sang: A musical narrative of the Vilna Getto, The Concert & CD Launch, South Melbourne Town Hall.
Subject:   “Back to the future: A forward looking retrospective”
  November 7, 2015
Place:      36th Australian Family Therapy Conference.
Author: Brian Stagoll, Consultant, Private Practice Psychiatry
Co-Authors: Moshe Lang, Dr. Carolyn Quadrio, Max Cornwell.
We all participated in the first Family Therapy conference in Melbourne in September 1980. We will offer a panel discussion looking back at original ideas and visions, techniques and debates, and what they came to. Have we learnt anything, and what was it? A 35 year retrospective on Family Therapy in Australia, reflecting on what has changed and what has remained.