Corrupting the Young

Tesse & Moshe Lang and Other Stories of a Family Therapist

Tesse & Moshe Lang
Rene Gordon, Australia, 1986.


Foreword: Max Cornwell, Editor of Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy

Moshe Lang is a natural story-teller whose many years as a family therapist have provided the raw material for these delightful short stories. They cover marriage, parent/child relationships, and all the frustrations, wry pleasures and pressures of family life. Some are wise anecdotes that reflect universal truths, others show how family therapy works, sometimes despite the therapist.

In Corrupting the Young: and Other Stories of a Family Therapist, Moshe Lang’s immense gift as a raconteur is tempered by the wisdom of his years as a therapist.

Tesse Lang’s sense of humour, feeling for words and fine judgement give these stories impact and charm. Together they have created a singularly satisfying collection of stories for the professional and the lay reader.

Corrupting the Young: and Other Stories of a Family Therapist was a Top 10 Bestseller in The Herald for 6 weeks: from late July to the end of August 1986.

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Translated Editions:

.איך בולמים אמא נודניקית: סיפורים של תראפיסט משפחתי. טס ומשה לנג
1989 .עברית: עופרה עופר. הוצאת ספרים רשפים

Lang, T. & Lang, M. (1989). Aich Bolmim Ima Nudnikit (‘How to Stop a Nagging Mother’) (hebrew ed. of Corrupting the Young and Other Stories of a Family Therapist, 1986.). (O. Ofer, Trans.). Tel Aviv, Israel: Reshafim.
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Lang, T. & Lang, M. (1989). Families Je Vous Aime (‘Families I Love You’) (french ed. of Corrupting the Young and Other Stories of a Family Therapist, 1986.). (G. Maruani, Trans.). France: Alpha Bleue Publications.
[Préface: Guy Maruani, chargé d’eseignement clinique de psychiatrie, Faculté Paris VII]
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“Ces délicieuses histoires, racontées par Moshe Lang, couvrent le mariage, les relations entre parents et enfants et toutes les frustrations, les joies et les pressions de la vie de famille.”

Reviews of Corrupting the Young:

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‘Wonderful storytelling.’ ~ Claire Kearney, ABC Book Reviewer.

‘Great freshness and clarity … wry and engaging … we smile recognising a paradoxical truth from everyday experiences … enjoying these stories is life-enhancing.’
~ Australian & New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy.

‘A delightful little book … Funny, humane and occasionally self-deprecating.’ ~ Terry Lane, ABC.

‘Their stories (have) a pie-in-the-eye punchline … full of folk wisdom, folk humour … dry tales of human nature in the battlegrounds of suburbia.’ ~ Beverly Farmer, The Age.

‘… bridges the gap between the too-often closed door of the professional helper and the public. This is the first book of its kind published in Australia.’ ~ Max Cornwell, Editor.
Australian & New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy.

‘Lang’s humanity, simplicity and modesty shine like a beacon through the stories … It should be mandatory reading for the novice therapist or counsellor as well as the experienced professional.’ ~ The Australian Counselling Psychologist.

‘I could pick it up anytime, open it anywhere, and find myself captured and captivated. Moshe shares not only his success, but also his confusions, his surprises, his puzzlements, his humour and his humanity.’ ~ The Australian Journal of Sex, Marriage & Family.

‘ … a delightful book … a wealth of wisdom, warmth, compassion and creativity …’
~ British Journal of Family Therapy.

‘I couldn’t put it down.’ ~ Margaret Peacock, 3MP.

‘Fascinating collection of tales…buy it. You won’t be sorry.’ ~ Bill Mettyear,
Australian Association of Marriage and Family Counselling.

‘It is a delight … buy it.’ ~ Australian Family Physician.

English translations of the back cover of the french edition:

‘This little book by Tesse and Moshe Lang is a delightful reading not only to the professional but to each one who is interested in knowing how human problems emerge and how often an unexpected intervention, apparently secondary, can lead to a solution.’
~ Paul Watzlawick, M.R.I., Palo-Alto.

‘Here is a book containing elegant and funny stories by two gifted storyteller therapists. They describe cases they came across with insight and kindness. A newcomer to a place in the library of every practicing family therapist.’ ~ Diana and Louis Everstine, E.T.C., Palo-Alto.

‘This auto psychobiography has the same importance to strategic therapy as dream interpretation has to psychoanalysis. As Einstein made Newton look old hat, Lang replaces apple with knitting and people with interactions. He relies on humour rather than unwieldy theorizing.’
~ Guy Maruani, Institut de Psychiatrie L’Elan Retrouve, Paris

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