Publications containing a Special Mention for Moshe

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In the following article six ANZJFT readers were asked to write about an article, previously published in the journal, that stood out for them. Three of the respondents – Colin MacKenzie, Jo Grimwade and Marta Lohyn – chose articles written by Moshe:
O’Gorman, L. et al. (1998). Worth a Third Read: Six ANZIFT Readers Remember. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 19(1),  28-31.
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De Crespigny, L., Espie. M. & Holmes, S. (1998). Prenatal Testing: Making Choices in Pregnancy. Victoria, Australia: Penguin Books, p. vi.
“Acknowledgements: We first wish to acknowledge Moshe Lang, who has contributed greatly to our lives. His book Resilience, co-authored by Tess Lang, was the stimulus for this book.”

Churven, P. (2000). The Answer Within: A Family in Therapy re-examined. Psychotherapy in Australia, 7(2), 26.
“I thank Moshe and Peter [McCallum] for this serious and amusing work [The Answer Within] and I strongly recommend it to all practitioners.”