DVD Behind Closed Doors – Session One: The Affair (preview) – Moshe Lang  (2012)
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DVD Behind Closed Doors – Session Two: Coming Home (preview) – Moshe Lang  (2012)
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Jewish Holocaust Centre presents: In conversation with Moshe Lang, Event with Dr. George Halaszat – 28 Oct 2018

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Moshe Lang: 50 years of dialogue, Interview Webisodes with Pauline Rockman, 2018 – Nov 2018

Interview Webisodes

‘Joy of Therapy’ Moshe Lang interviewed by Kim Bieber (7 parts) – June 2013
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Australian Psychological Society (APS) Institute.  APS Fellow Project: Giving Psychology Away Moshe Lang: A Unique Lifetime Career as a Family Therapist, Interviews with Erica Frydenberg
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Humour in Life and Therapy, Workshop with Moshe Lang (6 parts) – May 2015
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Geoff Goding Interview by Moshe Lang (3 parts) – 1994
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Mental Health and Humour – (edited) interview with Caren Brand & Andrea Heilbron – Feb 2014
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