Category: Eating Disorders / Anorexia

Debbie and Her Slurping Stomach

Moshe Lang, Tesse Lang

Australian Journal of Family Therapy, 3(1) 1981, pp 3-26

Debbie, a 16 year old girl, was referred for family therapy by a specialist physician with a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa. The paper consists of a slightly edited transcript of the first interview. This is interposed with comments by the authors based on repeated viewing of the videotape of this session.

Corrupting The Young: And Other Stories of a Family Therapist

Moshe Lang, Tesse Lang
First ed., Rene Gordon, Australia, 1986

Moshe Lang is a natural story-teller whose many years as a family therapist have provided the raw material for these delightful short stories. They cover marriage, parent/child relationships, and all the frustrations, wry pleasures and pressures of family life. Some are wise anecdotes that reflect universal truths, others show how family therapy works, sometimes despite the therapist.

Resilience: Stories of a Family Therapist

Moshe Lang, Tesse Lang
Second ed, PsychOz Publications, Melbourne, Australia, 2007

Moshe Lang presents us with a book of nuance and flavour. Resilience is a collection of brief sketches and vignettes, each serving as a vehicle for pithy observations and cogent insights.