Category: Fully-Transcribed Sessions

Debbie and Her Slurping Stomach

Moshe Lang, Tesse Lang

Australian Journal of Family Therapy, 3(1) 1981, pp 3-26

Debbie, a 16 year old girl, was referred for family therapy by a specialist physician with a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa. The paper consists of a slightly edited transcript of the first interview. This is interposed with comments by the authors based on repeated viewing of the videotape of this session.

A Family in Therapy

Moshe Lang, Peter McCallum
Second edition, ACER Press, Melbourne, Australia, 2000

After Peter’s passing in 1999, a second edition of the book was published. The invited commentaries were taken out of this edition, while Moshe revisited and updated his original comments, in light of developments in family therapy practice in the interim two decades.

Behind Closed Doors: Two therapy sessions with Moshe Lang

In this two DVD set, Moshe Lang demonstrates his approach in two therapy sessions: the first is with a couple dealing with the impact of an affair on their relationship, and the second is with a woman and her adult son who is moving back home.