Brian Stagoll

Brian Stagoll is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in private practice in North Fitzroy. After completing Medicine at Melbourne University in 1968, he studied psychiatry in New York. Returning to Melbourne in 1976, he met Moshe at the Bouverie Clinic. He became a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists in 1976 [and College Medallion recipient], and was Consultant Psychiatrist-in-Charge at Community Mental Health at Melville Clinic, Brunswick; leaving to  join Williams Road in 1981 as co-director. He was founding secretary of the Victorian Association of Family Therapists (now known as Australian Association of Family Therapy), and associate editor of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy (ANZJFT), and later President for many years. He left Williams Road in 1997 to practice in Fitzroy, where he has been deeply involved in Community Health. In 2001, he was given the ANZJFT Award for Contributions to Family Therapy. Brian has published widely and has held numerous other professional appointments.

Publications: Co-authored with Brian Stagoll

Stagoll, B., Lang, M. & Goding, G.A. (1979). A Model for Family Therapy Training: Based on the Parallel Processes between Training and Treatment. Australian Journal of Family Therapy, 1(1), 35-42.
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Stagoll, B. & Lang, M. (1980). Climbing the Family Tree: Working with Genograms. Australian Journal of Family Therapy, 1(4), 161-170.
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Lang, M. & Stagoll, B. (1982). Letter to the Editor. Victorian Association of Family Therapists Newsletter.

Lang, M. & Stagoll, B. (1989). Holocaust Conference, Melbourne, 5 August, 1988.  Australia and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 10(1), 53-54.
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Williams Road Anniversary Speeches

Click the following links to read the speeches given by Brian Stagoll at the 20th anniversary and 30th anniversary celebrations of Williams Road Family Therapy Centre.
Brian Stagoll and Moshe Lang are no longer associated with the centre called ‘Williams Road Family Therapy Centre’ which is no longer located at Williams Road, Windsor.
Moshe has continued his practice at Williams Road, Windsor, since 1979. In 2013, he established a new centre called ‘Williams Road Psychotherapy Centre’.