Publication Articles: Humour in Therapy

Moshe Lang & Tesse Lang. (1981). Debbie and Her Slurping Stomach. Australian Journal of Family Therapy, 3(1), 3-26.

invited commentaries

Bieber, K. (2013). The Joy of Therapy: An Interview with Moshe Lang. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 34(3), 257–267.
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Florent, J. (2015). Humour: a therapeutic cure for the disease of Seriousity.
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The above article was also published in a shorter format as: 
Florent, J. (2016). Jocularity: a therapeutic cure for the disease of Seriousity. Australian Association of Family Therapy News, 38 (2), 8.
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Florent, J. (2016). Humour in Couples Therapy and its Teaching. Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia, September ed., 3-10.
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Published Books: Humour in Therapy

Lang, T. & Lang, M. (1986). Corrupting The Young: And Other Stories of a Family Therapist. Victoria, Australia: Rene Gordon.
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Reviews of Published Books

Harrison, L. Review of Corrupting the Young and Other Stories of a Family Therapist. personal communication (email), November 25, 2015.
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Arnstein, M. (1996). Resilience: Stories of a Family Therapist. ACT Family Therapy Association Newsletter, June ed.
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Workshops: Humour in Therapy

Humour in Life and Therapy (A Psychologist’s Humour is No Laughing Matter!)
CAPAV Workshop – presented March 13, 2015
APS (CAPFIG Vic) Workshop – presented May 7, 2015
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Podcasts: Humour in Therapy

We All Wear It Differently – Podcast Episodes – Q&A Mondays with Moshe Lang
Episode #10 – Humour in Therapy – Dec 12, 2016
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Radio: Humour in Therapy

ABC National Radio – Life Matters – Interview with Geraldine Doogue – Debbie and her Slurping Stomach – Stories; Humour; Criticism of Family Therapy; Shame – Dec 21, 1992
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J-Air Radio – Care Factor – Interview with Caren Brand and Andrea Heilbron – Mental Health and Humour – Feb 9, 2014
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Video: Humour in Therapy

Humour in Life and Therapy, Workshop with Moshe Lang (6 parts) – May 2015
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Mental Health and Humour – J-Air Radio – (edited) interview with Caren Brand & Andrea Heilbron – Feb 2014
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‘Joy of Therapy’ Moshe Lang interviewed by Kim Bieber (7 parts) – June 2013
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