Publications: Other Co-authors

Geoff Goding

Stagoll, B., Lang, M. & Goding, G.A. (1979). A Model for Family Therapy Training: Based on the Parallel Processes between Training and Treatment. Australian Journal of Family Therapy, 1(1), 35-42.
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Janet Zeleznikow

Lang, M. & Zeleznikow, J. (1989) Separation Crises and the Holocaust. Australia and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 10(1), 31-33.
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Esther Lang-Takac

Tisher, M., Lang-Takac, E. & Lang, M. (1992). The Children’s Depression Scale: Review of Australian and Overseas Experience. Australian Journal of Psychology, 44(1), 27-35.
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Sophie Holmes

Holmes, S. & Lang, M. (1999). Peter McCallum 1943-1999: Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist and Family Therapist. Australian Journal of Family Therapy, 20(4), ii.
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