Behind Closed Doors:Behind Closed Doors, Moshe Lang
Two therapy sessions with Moshe Lang

Moshe Lang
Tarni James, T. (Producer/Director)
Tony Wright (Executive Producer)

PsychOz Publications, Australia, 2012.

In this two DVD set with a 64 page teaching manual, Moshe Lang demonstrates his approach in two therapy sessions: the first is with a couple dealing with the impact of an affair on their relationship, and the second is with a woman and her adult son who is moving back home. At the end of each session, Moshe Lang and the clients appraise separately how they feel about the session.

Session One – The Affair
Andrew and Alex have been married for five years. They have a six-month old baby and Alex has just discovered that Andrew was having an affair during their pregnancy. Family therapist, Moshe Lang, demonstrates his collaborative approach as he draws on the views, values, hopes, expectations and aspirations of Alex and Andrew as they contract to work together. Throughout the session, Moshe engages empathically and attentively, tuning into important messages and signifiers. He perceives Andrew’s difficulty in coming to therapy, Alex’s need and anxiety about being a good mother, her somewhat exclusive relationship to the baby and her ambivalence towards Andrew as a father. He invites the couple to give the affair a name, thus allowing them to symbolise verbally what it meant to each of them. He picks up on the meaning of sex, and lack of it, and tunes into Alex’s fear and anxiety, and Andrew’s feelings of rejection. Watch Preview
Running time: 50 minutes

Session Two – Coming Home
Twenty-one year old Daniel has moved back home to live with his mother; unannounced, and they are arguing constantly. Moshe Lang demonstrates his great skill as a therapist by being attentive, empathic, respectful, collaborative, neutral and, above all, human. Moshe elicits the story of the breakdown of Daniel’s parent’s marriage, Meg’s pain, disappointment and sense of failure, and the role this plays in her ambivalence around Daniel coming home. Daniel is difficult to engage, yet, as Moshe explores his experience of his parent’s breakup, the deep sense of abandonment emerges. Watch Preview
Running time: 50 minutes

From watching these DVDs you will:
– Develop an understanding of the importance of creating a respectful and hopeful atmosphere that allows therapeutic work to begin.
– Gain insight into Moshe Lang’s therapy style; how he attends to the clients’ view of the problem and adopts a posture of curiosity about client life experience and perceptions.
– Learn key skills in couples therapy; to track individual experience, styles and meaning; and reinforce positives in a client’s narrative.

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The Human Condition Bookstore, PsychOz Publication. Click here.
Williams Road Psychotherapy Centre. Contact details here.

Reviews of Behind Closed Doors:

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‘New therapists are often full of technique and drama, keen to impress. Old masters seem to just become simpler and more human. Being able to watch someone with a lifetime of experience in family therapy would seem an impossibility, and the ethics of making training videos with real people create a real hurdle.
This revolutionary set of DVD’s by Moshe Lang together with talented professional actors, creates the chance for beautifully filmed and profound, gentle work to be seen close up. As anyone who has been in therapy knows, we are full of our own surprises, and the actors are soon lost in real emotion, the layers of their own lives colouring and informing the roles. We see that in creating the spaciousness of real listening, the soul emerges and people learn their own lessons. Moshe seems to use self as his only tool, and it invites deep honesty and self-reflection. Problems we all go through at some stage – a young adult child taking responsibility, the pain between all men and women in a marriage as it grows – show their deeper sides in sudden swoops down to a deeper reality.
These DVD’s are delicious watching, humanizing us and humbling us as an old master ought.’
~ Steve Biddulph, author of The New Manhood and Raising Boys.