Timeless Stories of a Family Therapist

There were some stories written by Moshe and Tesse that were not included in the publication of Corrupting the Young, due to having a more weighty tone. 

Stories in Journals

One of these stories was subsequently published: 

Lang, M. (1991). Weathering the Storm. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 12(2), 111.
publications in response

Further of these unpublished stories, specifically about working with Holocaust Survivors & Families, appeared within the following articles:

Lang, M. (1994). The Long Shadow. Generation: a journal of Australian Jewish life, thought & community, 4(1), 22-49.
invited commentaries

Lang, M. (1995). Silence: Therapy with Holocaust Survivors and their Families. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy 16(1), 1-10.
invited commentaries

Lang, M. (1995). The Shadow of Evil. The Family Therapy Networker, Sept-Oct. ed., 65-67.


All of the stories in the publications above, along with further unpublished stories, were compiled into the following book:

Lang, M. & Lang, T. (1996).  Resilience: Stories of a Family Therapist. Melbourne, Australia: Reed Books.

A hebrew edition of the book was published:

Lang, M. & Lang, T. (1997). Hatzel Ha’aroch: Sippurim Mechadro shel Psicholog Mishpachti.  (‘The Long Shadow: Stories from the Room of a Family Psychotherapist’) (hebrew ed. of Resilience, 1996.). (R. Marks, Trans.). Tel Aviv, Israel: Dvir.

More in Journals

Selected stories from the book appeared within the following publications:

Lang,  M. (1998). After the Holocaust: Therapy with Survivors and their Families. In U.P. Gielen & A.L. Comunian (Eds.), The Family and Family Therapy in International Perspective (pp. 314-354).  Trieste, Italy: Edizioni LINT Trieste.

Lang M. (2002). ‘Then and Now’: How being Jewish has influenced my work as a Psychotherapist.  Psychotherapy in Australia, 8(3), 22-28.

Another book

A second edition of the book was published a decade after the first, with some additional stories:

Lang, M. & Lang, T. (2007) Resilience: Timeless Stories of a Family Therapist (revised ed.). Melbourne, Australia: PsychOz Publications.