Resilience: Stories of a Family Therapist

Moshe and Tess Lang: Resilience – Stories of a Family Therapist. Mandarin, Melbourne, Vic. 1996. $14.95.

Moshe and Tess Lang recount 52 stories of Moshe’s clients about individuals, couples, families and inter-generational issues. Moshe’s experience spans many years, several continents, and a sequence of evolving moral and therapeutic attitudes and beliefs. The stories are vividly and concisely told with respect, warmth and reflective humour. Some have brilliant outcomes, others, puzzling or disappointing results. They each touch upon aspects of courage in the face of the human condition, none more moving and poignant than those of survivors of the Holocaust.

This is a very readable book. It is inspiring for family therapists, particularly those who work with monosyllabic adolescents. Moshe’s therapeutic musings and wisdom shine throughout these engaging tales.

Review by Malise Arnstein. Psychologist, Family Therapist. Private Practice.

Arnstein, M. (1996). Resilience: Stories of a Family Therapist. ACT Family Therapy Association Newsletter, June ed.

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