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Teaching Family Therapy

Publications: Teaching Family Therapy Journal Articles / Chapters Stagoll, B., Lang, M. & Goding, G.A. (1979). A Model for Family Therapy Training: Based on the Parallel Processes between Training and Treatment. Australian Journal of Family Therapy, 1(1), 35-42. Stagoll, B. & Lang, M. (1980). Climbing the Family Tree: Working with Genograms. Australian Journal of Family Therapy, 1(4), […]

A Family in Therapy – Sidney Bloch

Review A Family in Therapy Peter McCallum & Moshe Lang. McPhee Gribble/Penguin, Melbourne, 1989.  Soft Cover, 291 pages, $14.99. Given the immense mystification that has enveloped the traditional psychoanalytically-orientated psychotherapies over several decades, the advent of a mode of therapy whose practitioners regard it as crucial to their enterprise to expose their work to direct […]

A Family in Therapy – Erica Frydenberg

Review A Family in Therapy A Family in Therapy. Peter McCallum and Moshe Lang. (1989). Melbourne: McPhee Gribble/Penguin. 291. $14.99. Peter McCallum and Moshe Lang are distinguished family therapists, and Williams Road is a centre in Melbourne for learning and practice in family therapy. It is from this centre that Moshe Lang has recorded A […]

A Family in Therapy – Bill Briner

Review A Family in Therapy McCallum P. & Lang M. (1989). Melbourne, Australia: Mcphee Gribble/Penguin. 291 pp. $14.99 Fami1y therapy is one of the latest fads in therapy and many people are curious about it. Those with a serious inquiry will find a glimpse of what goes on inside family therapy in this book. The […]

Humour in Therapy

Publication Articles: Humour in Therapy invited commentaries Bieber, K. (2013). The Joy of Therapy: An Interview with Moshe Lang. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 34(3), 257–267. download pdf | watch taped interview on YouTube Florent, J. (2015). Humour: a therapeutic cure for the disease of Seriousity. download pdf The above article was also published […]

Some Preliminary Thoughts on Family Group Therapy

The two contributions to this edition of the bulletin came from psychologists involved in clinical practice and teaching. Mrs. Tisher and Mr. Lang have been working with the method they describe for several years.


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Miriam Tisher

Miriam Tisher Miriam Tisher is a Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist and Director of Alma Family Therapy Centre. Since 1967, Miriam has held appointments with Bouverie Clinic and the Alfred Hospital and holds on-going appointments with Monash University and the Emmy Monash Home for the Aged. Using psychodynamic and systems perspectives, Miriam consults in private practice […]

Workshop Reviews

Workshop Reviews The workshop reviewed in the following publication, is derived from the technique described in the various editions of Bad Therapy. Baker, J. (1990). Workshop Review of How I Became a Lapsed Family Therapist. Family Therapy Association of S.A. Newsletter, December ed., 12-13. The following article / workshop review was written in response to two workshops […]

Behind Closed Doors – Nicky Jacobs

Review Behind Closed Doors: Two therapy sessions with Moshe Lang Behind closed doors is an excellent resource that demonstrates key skills in family therapy. Both DVDs provide realistic portrayals of people facing the complex dynamics of their relationships. In his role as a professional counselor, Moshe Lang is calm, centered and open to what is […]

Behind Closed Doors – Helena Phillips

Review Behind Closed Doors: Two therapy sessions with Moshe Lang Psychoz Publications, 2012. 2 DVD set. RRP $99.95 Moshe Lang is one of Australia’s best known therapists, a director of William’s Road Family Therapy Centre. He has been practising and teaching for over 47 years, and he has published extensively. This 2 DVD set is […]


Moshe Lang is one of Australia’s best known family therapists. Born in Israel, he migrated to Australia as a young man and settled here in 1961. He studied psychology at the University of Melbourne, and is the Director of Williams Road Psychotherapy Centre. Between 1965 and 1979 he was senior psychologist at the Bouverie Clinic […]